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Is it okay to have glasses only as a fashion accessory?

Yes. If you recently had an eye examination and no refractive correction was prescribed, you can wear your choice of clear or tinted spectacles, or cosmetic coloured contact lenses.

Is it okay to share non-prescription coloured contact lenses?

No. Sharing the same lenses with someone else strongly increases your chances of getting eye infections and other complications. It is also essential that contact lenses are fitted by a qualified contact lens practitioner, regardless of whether or not they have a corrective prescription, and an annual aftercare check is performed.

Is it possible to have fashionable frames with a higher prescription?

Yes. Advances in material technology have made thinner, flatter lenses available. This means they can be made for virtually any frame size or shape.

Is there an ideal frame style for my face?

Yes. There are five basic face shapes: square, round, triangular, oblong and oval. A square face is complimented by slightly curved, high-sitting frames. A round face by straight or angular lines in deep colours. A triangular face by frames with a thin rim and vertical lines. A long, oblong face is suited by bigger frames, which minimise length. An oval face by any frame shape, as long as it is in proportion. Having said all that, the best advice comes from experience and trial, so let us help choose a selection of perfect frames to suit you. The only problem? Which one to buy!!!

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