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Eyewear performance and eye protection are vital in activity conditions where bright light, wind, water, snow, ice, dust and temperature play a factor. High-performance eyewear maintains good vision and takes the knocks in conditions our daily eyewear can’t cope with.

Active eyewear requires high-quality lenses that provide crystal-clear, distortion-free vision in all conditions. There are different lens types and tints for different situations. For outdoor activities 100% protection from UVA and UVB sunlight is critical. We have a fantastic selection of sunglasses to improve your vision and performance as well as your safety.

Strength and durability are important. Tough, light, impact resistant materials like nylon won’t distort, break or fall off. Lenses of polycarbonate or toughened glass are strong and scratch resistant, and do not become brittle at low temperatures, unlike some plastics.

Also consider shape. Frames should hug the shape of your face, with silicone nose pads and spring hinges at the temples keeping them snugly in place. Goggles or close-fitting wraps also reduce scatter from reflected peripheral light, as well as giving protection against the elements. In some cases you may be better wearing contact lenses, and with daily disposable lenses you can just pop them in when you play sport then throw them away afterwards.

Lifestyle Business

Perfect eyesight at work is not only about being alert and receptive. Correcting vision defects can improve your comfort, job satisfaction and performance.

Whether for close-up work or all-day wearing, corrective eyewear should be comfortable and functional. With so many vocational lenses now available for specific tasks such as office work, graphic design and computer operation, we can help you choose the correct lenses to improve your performance and comfort at work. Many high-tech materials such as titanium and new lens types are so lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing them. An anti-reflective coating helps maintain transparency in artificial lighting.

But the best news of all is the huge range of styles to suit your mood or working requirement. A bold pair for important meetings when you need to be assertive, a low-key pair for when you want to blend into the background, or even a stylish directional pair that says, “I know how to be creative and look good!” What message do you want to transmit before anyone else in the room has spoken?

Lifestyle Occasions

It doesn’t cost a million dollars to look a million dollars. On those unforgettable occasions when every last detail has to be absolutely perfect, your eyewear can play its part too. It should be as co-ordinated and captivating as the rest of your look, as well as being comfortable and practical. That way you can see and be seen.

Eyewear that’s funky and groovy for passionate parties, cool clubs and heavenly holidays. Eyewear that’s classic and elegant for romantic weddings, sophisticated balls and extravagant functions. You go to so much trouble to look your absolute captivating best – shouldn’t your eyewear be outstanding too? And don’t forget: it’s a well-known fact that if you don’t like wearing your eyewear, you won’t take it out of its case. As Coco Chanel once said, “accessories can make or break a woman” – and why should eyewear be any exception?

Or, if you prefer to wear contact lenses in the evenings, then having the right pair of glasses during the day will mean you get more comfortable wearing time at night.

Lifestyle Relaxing

It’s the weekend. You’ve had a tough week. How do you unwind? Perhaps a lazy stroll around the golf course on a Sunday afternoon? Sipping exquisite Martinis on the veranda as the sun goes down? Organising a memorable get-together for friends or family? Or just hanging out with the kids in the garden?

One thing’s for sure, whatever you do with your free time, you’ll want to look the part. And whatever you feel like doing with your look, the range of leisure eyewear is bigger and better than ever, with classic names such as Cartier, Gucci, Chanel, Prada and Ray-Ban lining up alongside brilliant new ideas from the likes of TAG Heuer, IC! Berlin, Alain Mikli and Orgreen or the strength and flexibility of Eschenbach and Flexon. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a lounge lizard or a beach babe, a couch potato or a party animal, there are more reasons than ever to get the look you crave.


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