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Can I wear glasses for sport?

Yes. Although you will require specialised glasses with lighter, tougher, snug-fitting frames and lenses. Normal eyewear is usually unsuitable, particularly in contact sports.

Can I do contact sports with eyewear?

Yes, although the more physical sports like squash and hockey require specialised designs more like goggles with nose and temple protection.

Can I wear contact lenses for sport?

Yes. Soft contact lenses are the best option for most sports, as they don’t break or become displaced and they move on the surface of the eye, thus maintaining the widest possible field of view. Protective impact-resistant goggles are sometimes also necessary for certain fast action and contact sports.

Should I use eyewear for watersports?

Yes. Even if you don’t need glasses, polarised lenses reduce surface reflections and glare, and wrap styles keep out peripheral wind and spray.

Can I do underwater sports with bad eyesight?

Yes. There are many prescription goggles and masks. Alternatively, it is possible to wear contact lenses and a non-prescription mask.

Is there optimum eyewear for snow sports?

Yes. High UV protection is crucial, and blue filter lenses have been shown to improve object perception and enhance contrast in bright alpine conditions.

Can I wear photochromic lenses for sport?

Not usually. As they adapt to light conditions they can strain your eyes, affecting your ability to judge distances and cause tiredness.